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Lions a 'perfect fit' for Reggie Bush, according to Peter King

Sports Illustrated's Peter King thinks running back Reggie Bush is a match for the Detroit Lions.

Jim Rogash

Running back Reggie Bush has often been mentioned as a free agent the Detroit Lions will pursue this offseason. He seems to fit the mold of the type of running back they need to add to the offense, and the fact that the Miami Dolphins aren't expected to re-sign him means he should be available.

The big issue with the idea of the Lions signing Bush is the money aspect. The Lions aren't exactly going to be working with a ton of cap space, so they can't go out and overpay a player like Bush. That's not to say Bush is going to get a huge deal, but he could be after more than the Lions can afford to pay.

The money side of this will work itself out in free agency, but what about how he fits simply from a personnel standpoint? In that regard, Sports Illustrated's Peter King thinks the Lions are a "perfect fit" for Bush. They have a need for a speedy running back who can contribute in a variety of ways, and Bush seems to be that type of player.

If the Lions are unable to address their need at running back in free agency, chances are they will draft someone instead. I'd prefer they not spend a high pick on a running back, but if the last few years are any indication, the Lions could decide to use their second-round pick on adding another playmaker to the offense.

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