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Lions assistant Tim Walton interviews with Rams

Detroit Lions assistant Tim Walton is reportedly interviewing for the St. Louis Rams' defensive coordinator job.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

For the second offseason in a row, Detroit Lions assistant Tim Walton is interviewing with the St. Louis Rams. This year, the interview is for the Rams' vacant defensive coordinator job, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Jim Thomas.

Last year, Walton was interviewed by Jeff Fisher to potentially be the Rams' assistant defensive coordinator and to run their passing game defense. Ultimately, Walton opted to stay in Detroit, and the Lions rewarded him with a promotion. Almost one year ago exactly, Walton went from simply being the secondary coach to also being in charge of the Lions' third down package.

Considering the Rams are interviewing Walton for their main defensive coordinator job this year, the Lions will have a much tougher time retaining him if he is offered the position. Walton has been viewed as a potential future defensive coordinator, and I can't imagine he will turn down the Rams if they offer the job to him.

The Lions' secondary has definitely had its fair share of struggles, but losing Walton would be a blow to their coaching staff. He is a respected assistant, and it's important to consider that he hasn't exactly had much talent to work with in his time as secondary coach in Detroit. There's a reason why the Lions were so happy to retain him last year, and there's a reason why the Rams are showing interest in him to run their defense.

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