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2013 NFL Draft: Jarvis Jones cleared by doctors, according to report

Potential Detroit Lions draft pick Jarvis Jones has reportedly been given a clean bill of health by doctors.

Scott Cunningham

Although he may not be the greatest fit in the world from a scheme perspective, linebacker Jarvis Jones has been considered a possible pick of the Detroit Lions because of his pass-rushing ability. The Lions need to add players who can put pressure on opposing quarterbacks, and Jones is a good fit in that regard.

On the flip side, Jones may not be a good fit at all as the No. 5 overall pick because he has spinal stenosis. The Lions aren't exactly in a position where they can gamble on a player with medical red flags, especially considering they haven't had much luck with these types of risks in the past. This is why a lot of people have shied away from the idea of Jones going No. 5 overall to the Lions. The talent may be there, but the injury concern is a big one.

For those who are hoping to see the Lions take a serious look at Jones if he's available when they go on the clock, I have good news for you.'s Gil Brandt reports that Jones has been cleared by doctors.

While this is big for Jones, it doesn't mean he's completely off the hook when it comes to questions about his health. Teams interested in Jones will likely have their own doctors take a look at him, and there's no guarantee that every team will clear him. There's also no guarantee that simply being cleared will lessen the perceived risk of potentially taking Jones for every team.

In other words, this is a positive step for Jones, but it's far from the end of the evaluation process. More questions will need to be asked, and more tests will likely need to be done before teams truly feel comfortable with putting him on their draft board.

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