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Lions notes: Ticket prices not going up for 2013

Lions notes looks at ticket prices, Jeff Backus, Jason Hanson, Brian Xanders and more.

  • The Detroit Lions have no plans to increase ticket prices this year, according to team president Tom Lewand. This makes sense considering the Lions went 4-12 last season. Raising prices after a down year would just not go over well with fans.
  • Jeff Backus and Jason Hanson have both been at the Lions' facility recently, seemingly indicating that neither is planning to retire. No concrete decisions have been announced yet, though.
  • Last week, Martin Mayhew explained the purpose of the new internal scouting system that Brian Xanders is developing. From MLive:

    "Say you're on the clock during the draft, and you want to compare player to player. There's an ability to line up all their stats, all their measurables, all their combine data on a screen and compare player to player instead of going by recollection, flipping through books, or going through one database to another on a laptop."

  • According to Justin Rogers, Xanders' scouting system isn't going to impact the Lions' partnership with BLESTO.
  • St. Louis Rams coach Jeff Fisher said the team decided to release Titus Young because he is "better suited for another organization." At this point, I don't think he's suited for any NFL team.
  • New Lions running backs coach Curtis Modkins sees Jahvid Best as a C.J. Spiller type of player. If only Best was actually cleared to play.
  • After triggering a $1 million escalator, Ndamukong Suh's cap number for 2013 now stands at $18.17 million. Yikes.
  • The Lions' run game has a lot of potential because of Calvin Johnson. Confused? Read this.
  • Apparently Lomas Brown and Scott Mitchell are now friends.

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