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NFL salary cap to be more than $122 million for 2013?

According to a report, this year's NFL salary cap could exceed $122 million.

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The NFL has yet to announce the official salary cap for 2013, but rumors continue to swirl about the number for this year. Specifically, rumors are swirling that the salary cap will be higher than expected for this year. Just last week, Pro Football Talk reported that the salary cap could actually be $121.5 million instead of $121 million, and now PFT reports that the number may actually be even higher than that.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the team-by-team spending limit will exceed $122 million in 2013.

While a move to $122 million represents an increase of only $1.4 million per team, every dollar helps, given the number of teams in cap trouble.

Last year, the salary cap was set at $120.6 million. Considering it was projected to only go up to $121 million, it'd be a notable jump if it ends up being more than $122 million. It's not a huge difference in the grand scheme of things, but for a team like the Detroit Lions, which have a limited amount of cap space, it could give them the ability to afford someone like Reggie Bush, for example.

Expect the official salary cap number to be announced just before the new league year begins and free agency opens next month.

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