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Lions' Jim Schwartz not opposed to drafting punter

Could the Detroit Lions draft a punter this year? Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz would be fine with doing just that if it means he's getting a good player.


Given their struggles at punter last season, the Detroit Lions could decide to look to the 2013 NFL Draft to find a new one. The Lions haven't drafted a punter in 29 years, but there is a lot of talent at the position this year. Based on that and the success punters have had after being drafted, it would make a lot of sense for the Lions to take one in the draft.

An entirely separate conversation is whether or not the Lions will actually have a punter (or another specialist, for that matter) ranked high enough to warrant being picked. For the Lions, it's all about best player available, but could a punter actually fit that label? Lions head coach Jim Schwartz says yes. From the Free Press:

"If he’s good," Schwartz said. "Minnesota drafted a kicker in the sixth round last year. I’m sure there were players on the board at positions that they liked, but they also got a guy that went to the Pro Bowl and set a record for 50-yard field goals last year.

"The idea is to pick a good player, and they did in that position. Whether that guy’s a long snapper, a kicker, a punter, a quarterback, an offensive lineman, pick good players and you’ll be happy. Don’t and you’re not going to be happy."

The Lions met with Arizona State punter Josh Hubner earlier this week, and the Free Press reports that Ball State punter (and Michigan native) Scott Kovanda also spoke with Lions special teams coach John Bonamego. There are surely others, but those are the two names that have come out so far.

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