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Lions have 'real' interest in Reggie Bush, according to report

Are the Detroit Lions really interested in free-agent running back Reggie Bush? One report says yes.

Joel Auerbach

Over the last few weeks, there have been a lot of rumblings connecting running back Reggie Bush to the Detroit Lions. Bush is set to become a free agent in a couple weeks, and the Lions have a big need for a speedy running back given that Jahvid Best isn't expected to be cleared.

Given the Lions' need for a player like Bush, a lot of the talk about him ending up in Detroit has seemed like nothing more than people connecting the dots. There haven't really been concrete reports stating that the Lions are interested in signing him. More than anything, it's been speculation that the Lions want to add Bush because he would be a good fit.

Now we do have something that goes beyond basic speculation from fans. The Free Press' Dave Birkett reports that the Lions' interest in signing Bush is "real." This is based on what Birkett gathered while in Indianapolis for the NFL Combine. The word in league circles seems to be that the Lions want to sign Bush, and Birkett says "it might take $5 million or so a year" to make a deal happen.

We'll obviously know more about just how real the Lions' interest is in Bush when free agency opens in two weeks. If Bush comes to Detroit for a visit, that could set things in motion for him to sign with the Lions.

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