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2013 NFL Combine: List of players Lions met with in Indy

The Detroit Lions met with numerous players at the 2013 NFL Combine. Here is a brief look at some of the guys they talked to.


While at the 2013 NFL Combine, the Detroit Lions, like all NFL teams, spent a good deal of time meeting with potential picks. On-field workouts are certainly the most talked about part of the combine, but the interviews are also an important part of the evaluation process. Especially for guys with character concerns, the interviews can play a big role in whether a team takes a risk on a player or decides to play it safe.

In Indianapolis, the Lions had the chance to meet with up to 60 players. Chances are they used most or all of their allotted interviews, but only a limited amount of them leaked out. With that in mind, I present to you a far from complete list of players the Lions are known to have met with at this year's combine.

Again, this list is far from complete, but it's still interesting to see which players met with the Lions. (If I missed a player that should be added to the list, leave a note in the comments.)

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