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Super Bowl commercials 2013: Leon Sandcastle wins the night

What was the best Super Bowl commercial this year? I'm going with Leon Sandcastle.

NFL Network

The 2013 Super Bowl commercials were feeling pretty flat through the first half on Sunday night. Especially when the power outage happened and CBS was forced to go to break, it seemed like there just weren't going to be many memorable ads from this year's Super Bowl.

There were some solid ones in the second half, though. Budweiser's Clydesdales ad was a nice change of pace, and then NFL Network debuted its Leon Sandcastle commercial. It's about Deion Sanders disguising himself to attend the NFL Combine, and the punch line is that he gets picked by the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL Draft. Here's video of the ad:

Perhaps the best part of the commercial was all of the jokes it produced on Twitter. Here's my favorite:

I honestly wouldn't put it past the Lions to do something like that if Matt Millen was still in charge.

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