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2013 NFL mock draft: Ezekiel Ansah to Lions

SB Nation's latest 2013 NFL mock draft has the Detroit Lions selecting BYU's Ezekiel Ansah. Would this pick make sense?

Scott Cunningham

There has been a major shake-up for the Detroit Lions in SB Nation's latest 2013 NFL mock draft. Okay, so it's not that major. But it is a departure from the usual group of players the Lions are projected to pick.

In this mock draft, the Lions are slated to select BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah with the fifth overall pick. Ansah has typically been projected to go somewhere in the teens, but this mock has him rising up draft boards and becoming a top-five pick.

The reasoning for this selection revolves around Ansah's performance at the Senior Bowl. The Lions got to see his potential up close while coaching the South. While Ansah struggled a bit during the week of practice, he came to play on game day and was one of the most impressive players. He consistently put pressure on opposing quarterbacks, and he showed off his athleticism in a big way.

Ansah is a raw talent for sure, so this pick would be on potential more than anything. With that in mind, would he actually be the top player on the Lions' draft board? It's probably still too early to tell, but I could get on board with the idea of drafting Ansah.

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