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Titus Young apparently thinks he's better than Calvin Johnson

Just how troubled is Titus Young? He apparently thinks he's better than Calvin Johnson.

Hannah Foslien

Titus Young clearly has some serious issues. He failed to learn from his many mistakes with the Detroit Lions, and this ultimately cost him his spot on the team. The last straw was his recent Twitter rant, but that was really nothing compared to punching a teammate and purposely lining up incorrectly.

Perhaps the biggest sign that something is wrong with Young is that he apparently thinks he's better than Calvin Johnson. I guess this revelation shouldn't come as a huge shock considering Young was so displeased with the number of targets he was getting, but it's hard to believe somebody can be so delusional. From the Free Press:

E.C. Robinson, Young’s high school coach, said Young came to his house on Christmas and the two talked about his problems with the Lions.

"He did tell me he thought he was just as good Megatron," Robinson recalled late last month. "I said, ‘Titus, come on.’ I said, ‘Come on, man. Who you talking to?’ I said, ‘Come on, you’re as good as that guy? This guy is the real deal.’ And he really believes this. And he was sincere about it. ‘Ah man, I’m better than him.’ I said, ‘No you’re not. Be real man. Come on.’ So I don’t know, I’m hoping for the best for him."

Not only is Johnson a better receiver than Young, but he is also a much better person. Johnson is a class act on and off the field, and despite all of the accolades he's received in the last couple years, the team still comes first. Clearly that's not the case with Young, and instead of pretending that he's better than the game's best receiver, perhaps he should take some notes on how Johnson carries himself as a professional athlete.

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