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Detroit Lions release Stephen Peterman

The Detroit Lions are parting ways with offensive guard Stephen Peterman.


The Detroit Lions are about to officially shake up their offensive line. There was talk after the season that changes needed to be made after a disappointing 2012, and the first change involves offensive guard Stephen Peterman being released, according to Dave Birkett.

Peterman has been with the Lions since 2006. He has started every single game the previous three seasons, and he has been the Lions' starting right guard going back to 2007. Continuity on the offensive line has been viewed as a positive in the past, but considering Pro Football Focus had Peterman as giving up the most combined sacks, hits and hurries of any offensive guard in 2012, it's clear that a change was needed.

There are two big questions that emerge from this. The first is this: Who steps in as the starting right guard with Peterman gone? Bill Nagy, who was claimed off waivers last year from the Dallas Cowboys, is probably the top candidate. He spent all of last season on injured reserve, but claiming him was a long-term type of move by design. The Lions added him in hopes of him potentially being a starter down the road, and unless they go out and sign or draft someone, he makes the most sense.

The other major question is as follows: Will this be the only move the Lions make or are more on the way? If I'm Dominic Raiola, I'm feeling pretty uneasy about my standing with the team. The Lions' interior offensive line took a lot of heat in 2012, and Raiola could very well be the next one to go.

UPDATE: Tim Twentyman reports that the Lions have notified Peterman of his release.

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