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Titus Young claimed by St. Louis Rams off waivers

Wide receiver Titus Young wasn't out of work for long, as the St. Louis Rams claimed him off waivers one day after the Detroit Lions released him.

Al Messerschmidt

Despite all of his issues, it took wide receiver Titus Young only one day to find a spot with a new team. The Detroit Lions released him on Monday, and the St. Louis Rams claimed him off waivers on Tuesday.

I suppose it isn't a huge shock that Young landed in St. Louis. Jeff Fisher has connections to Jim Schwartz and the Lions' coaching staff, and he certainly isn't afraid to take chances on character risks. Considering the Rams could use some talent at wide receiver, this is a low risk, high reward type of move. Even if it doesn't work out, it won't end up costing the Rams a whole lot.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this is that the Rams were the only team that put in a claim for Young. This shows just how little interest there was in Young across the NFL. Anwar Richardson reports that the Lions "put out feelers" about a possible trade, but there was no interest from other teams. As a result, they decided to simply get rid of him.

I won't be surprised if Young ends up succeeding in St. Louis, but what he does with the Rams shouldn't change how you view the Lions' decision to release him. He could not continue to be a member of the Lions, and nothing he does in St. Louis can change that.

As for the Rams' decision to take on Young and his problems, I'll let ESPN's Kevin Seifert sum up my thoughts:

Good luck, St. Louis. You're going to need it with Young.

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