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Lions players react to release of Kyle Vanden Bosch

Detroit Lions players reacted to the news of Kyle Vanden Bosch's release on Tuesday with quite a few tweets.

Norm Hall

While it didn't come completely out of left field given his contract, the Detroit Lions' move to release defensive end Kyle Vanden Bosch on Tuesday raised a few eyebrows. It wasn't a reaction based on questioning the move, but rather a reaction that caught people's attention because the Lions actually went through with releasing him. The move especially caught the attention of Lions players, and they reacted to it on Twitter.

These tweets sum up how much respect players have for Vanden Bosch. It sounds cliché, but he brought 110 percent to work every day. He helped establish a culture change after he signed, and his leadership played a big part in the Lions turning things around and going to the playoffs in 2011.

Obviously things didn't work out in 2012 for Vanden Bosch and the Lions, and his play and the team's need for cap space made cutting him justifiable. Even so, let's not forget about the many good things Vanden Bosch did in his time with the Lions.

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