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Titus Young didn't have any trade value, according to Martin Mayhew

The Detroit Lions decided to release wide receiver Titus Young on Monday because they didn't feel like he had any trade value.

Leon Halip

When the Detroit Lions decided to put wide receiver Titus Young on injured reserve rather than release him last season, it was a sign that they weren't ready to give up on him just yet. That, and they weren't willing to give up on the idea that he could be traded in the offseason. While he had severely damaged his trade value, the Lions weren't willing to declare the situation a complete loss at the time.

On Monday, the Lions did put an end to any talk of a trade by simply releasing Young. This was the right move given his behavior, but some questioned why the Lions didn't wait and see if there was a possibility of a deal. On Thursday, general manager Martin Mayhew made it clear that waiting would have been a pointless endeavor. From MLive:

"He didn't really have any trade value," Mayhew said. "I didn't talk to anybody. I didn't call 32 GMs and try to get a seventh (conditional pick), or anything like that. I think it's my job to know sort of what his value is, and he didn't have any trade value."

Young's lack of trade value was made evident by only the St. Louis Rams claiming him when he went through waivers. No other teams were interested enough to take a chance on him, showing that there truly wasn't any real chance of a trade happening.

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