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Vote on Pride Of Detroit's 2013 NFL Draft big board

Voting is open for Pride Of Detroit's 2013 NFL Draft big board.


SB Nation's 2013 NFL bloggers mock draft is about to begin. This year, Pride Of Detroit has the fifth overall selection since that's where the Detroit Lions ended up in the first round. Our pick is due in the next couple days, and I want to get your input on which player should be the pick.

Since the Lions are picking higher than they have the last couple years, I already have a few specific players in mind. And to be perfectly honest, I already have a very good idea of who I will pick if he's available, but there's no guarantee he will be there. As a result, it's important to have some backup plans, and that's why I want to create a big board for Pride Of Detroit.

To do this, please vote below on which players should be in the top five on our big board. I didn't include any defensive tackles or players at offensive skill positions since none of them are realistic options for the Lions at No. 5. Instead, the focus is on offensive tackle, offensive guard, defensive end, outside linebacker, cornerback and safety.

UPDATE: Click here for the results.

I'll tabulate and share the results when Pride Of Detroit goes on the clock at No. 5 overall. I will also use the results to help make the Lions' pick in SB Nation's mock draft, so keep an eye out for that in the next week or so.


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