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Lions quotes: Jason Jones talks about signing with Detroit

Comments from Detroit Lions defensive end Jason Jones' introductory press conference.

Below is a look at what new Detroit Lions defensive end Jason Jones had to say during his introductory press conference earlier this week. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

Opening statement: "Just wanted to say, man, no words to describe how excited I am to come back and play, play for where I'm from and play for the Detroit Lions. You know, I don't know how it worked out. Like you said, I signed a one-year deal, didn't think I would have the opportunity to play here. When it presented itself to me, it was a no-brainer for me. You know, it's easy for my parents, it's easier on me and I just love to be back home for all my family and friends and to play in front of them. So, I'm excited. I open it up to questions."

On his versatility on the defensive line: "In Seattle, they brought me in on the passing downs to rush inside. I think I have a great advantage, you know, as a pass rusher inside and also, like he (Jim Schwartz) said, I'll probably be playing mostly defensive end on first and second downs. But, you know, with the d-line with (Ndamukong) Suh and (Nick) Fairley right now, those guys are the staple. I'm just coming in to contribute wherever I can and bring some play-making to this defense."

On how much having Suh and Fairley on the same team weighed into his decision: "Oh man, it made a huge difference. You know, those guys are so disruptive in the middle. Just to come in and help them out and give them help, it's going to be a nice little combination."

On if he stopped being a Lions fan when he got drafted: "No I was still a Lions fan at heart. You know, growing up, I was a hooper growing up. I had hoop dreams. But I fell in love with the game of football and I've always, like I was talking to Schwartz earlier, I've always followed the Detroit teams, the Pistons, the Tigers and the Red Wings. It's always good when the Lions and the home teams are doing good. It makes the city better."

On his favorite Lions player growing up: "Probably Barry Sanders when I was growing up. You know, he was probably the star of the Lions. So, seeing him run and cut and do all that stuff was fun."

On his initial reaction on the Lions reaching out to him: "I was excited. You know, just on top of that, you know, you've got Schwartz here who was my defensive coordinator when I got drafted at Tennessee. You've got Jim Washburn who took me as a young pup and taught me a lot about this game and how to pass rush and how to play it. You've got Marcus Robertson who I'm familiar with too. So, just having nothing new already here and then being home, it was a no-brainer for me."

On if he has a home in Detroit: "No, actually I live in Southfield. I have a home in Southfield."

On his parents' reaction to his coming to Detroit: "They were excited. You know, I called my mom and dad when I first got news and probably after this I'll go take them out to eat somewhere nice."

On the Lions signing S Glover Quin and RB Reggie Bush today: "Great additions. You know, Reggie, you already know what he can do. He's very quick, explosive. Glover Quin, great in coverage, and I think those two guys just made the team way better."

On how the Lions' additions to the secondary help the defensive line: "Oh you know, that goes hand-in-hand. If there's good coverage, there should be sacks. You know, if we get pressure on the quarterback and he throws the ball wrong, should be interceptions. So, the d-line and secondary work hand-in-hand together. So, they're doing their job, we're doing our job, everything should be good. But I think with those guys back there covering, it will definitely give us time to get to the quarterback."

On how much coming back to Detroit was a selling point for him: "It was always in the back of my mind. I'm going to be honest, I never thought I would get the opportunity. Just talking like last year, there was so much money built up in the d-line and I went out to Seattle. Seattle was a good experience for me. The organization out there was good. I definitely was going to be a free agent again this year and it just so happened that the Lions were open."

On if he signed a one-year deal by choice with Seattle last year: "That was kind of in the plan, yes."

On what the Lions' free agency activity says about the organization: "I think they, or we, want to win. I'm a part of it now. So, we want to win and to get the three people that they targeted, I'm pretty sure they'll go out and get some more. But to get those three on the second day of free agency, man, it shows their commitment for winning."

On his perspective of DT Ndamukong Suh as an opponent: "Oh man, we've seen him on ESPN, you know, throwing guys around. Sometimes he gets a bad rap, but the guy's just strong. So, anytime he touches somebody, they're going to fall hard. But just seeing how he plays and just watching film with him and Coach Washburn, man, how he goes out there and plays with a chip on his shoulder every game. That's the type of stuff I like."

On what assistant defensive line coach Jim Washburn is like: "Washburn is a very spirited coach. I'm going to leave it at that. He's a very spirited coach and whoever knows him and played for him, they know what I'm talking about. But at the end of the day, he's a great teacher. He teaches all his athletes. Anybody that he's put his hands on or touched or coached has done pretty good. So, much respect to coach Washburn."

On his family ties to Ford Motor Company: "Yeah, my dad, funny thing. My dad he worked for Ford for 30-plus years. I want to say 35 exactly, and now I'm coming home to play for the Ford family. So, it's kind of ironic, but it's kind of full circle too. It's nice."

On how much time he will spend here in the offseason: "In past years, I wouldn't spend that much time. You know, I was with Tennessee and then I would come here for a few weeks at a time. But really, this time is when I actually stayed here for the whole month of February and just been here at home. I haven't got a chance to be with my parents and talk with them, friends, family. So, being signed here, man, I'm going to get to do all of that. They're going to get to see me play, which is everything."

On if he was also recruited to play basketball out of high school: "I was recruited, yes I was. But I signed for football early."


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