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Joe Philbin talks up Reggie Bush's character

Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin had nothing but good things to say about new Detroit Lions running back Reggie Bush when asked about him this week.

Marc Serota

When you think about potential leaders in the Detroit Lions' locker room for next season, I'm guessing running back Reggie Bush isn't one of the first players that comes to mind. Even going back to his days at USC, his life away from football has garnered a lot of focus, and many have the impression that he is more concerned about his celebrity off the field than his play on it.

That impression really couldn't be further from the truth, though. Don't believe me? Just take a look at what Miami Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin -- Bush's coach last season -- had to say about him earlier this week. From MLive:

"I think sometimes people may have certain perceptions of what Reggie is or isn't," Philbin said. "He was a guy who came into the building; he worked hard every day; being on the team was important to him, and I thought he was a pro." [...]

"As I've said many times, very professional in the building," Philbin said. "Went about his business. Almost, not quiet, but he was a pro. Very good to work with."

Philbin also said that Bush was a part of the Dolphins' leadership council, indicating that he will be a good addition to the Lions' locker room. This is also a good indication of the type of player the Lions have added:

You can never really have too many players who work hard and lead by example, and it seems that the Lions are getting someone exactly like that in Bush.

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