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2013 Pride Of Detroit Community Mock Draft: Sign-ups

Interested in being a general manager in the 2013 Pride Of Detroit Community Mock Draft? Sign-ups are now open.

The Pride Of Detroit Community Mock Draft is back. Now in its fifth year, the POD Community Mock Draft annually allows users of the site to play the role of general manager for NFL teams. Picks are made for two full rounds, and it's not only a fun way to prepare for the actual NFL Draft, but it's also always interesting to look back and see how many picks end up coming true in the real thing.

Sign-ups for the 2013 POD Community Mock Draft are now open. If you want to be a part of this year's mock draft, simply leave a comment saying as much, and make sure to include a list of your top three desired teams you would want to represent. I can't guarantee you will be assigned to one of the teams on your list, but it will help me make the GM assignments.

Before you go any further, here are some important pieces of information to consider before signing up:

  • The Detroit Lions will be represented by Jeremy Reisman, so don't include them in your top three. They already have a GM.
  • Teams will be assigned based on how active you are on the site and how long you have been around, so it's not a race to sign up first or anything like that. I do this to make sure regulars of the site get to participate.
  • Only sign up if you will be able to write a coherent paragraph or two explaining your pick(s). Each pick gets a separate post with a write-up from the GM, so it's important to be able to put something together with limited spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Make sure you can stick to the schedule that will be posted later in the week, as you will be replaced if you can't get your pick(s) in on time.

Sign-ups will be open for the next day or two. After they are closed, I will put up a post outlining the assignments, rules and schedule for when picks are due.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments.

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