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John Clayton could see Reggie Bush signing with Lions

ESPN's John Clayton thinks running back Reggie Bush could end up signing with the Detroit Lions.

Lintao Zhang

As NFL free agency nears, speculation continues to run rampant about running back Reggie Bush and the Detroit Lions. A lot of this speculation originally developed from the simple notion that Bush would fill the Lions' need for a speedy running back on offense. Lately, though, the speculation seems to have advanced beyond the simple "he's a fit" stage at the fan level.

The latest example is what ESPN's John Clayton said in an interview on Mike & Mike on Tuesday (via Mike O'Hara). Clayton briefly mentioned Bush, saying the following: "Not that he's going to get big money, but I could see him ending up in Detroit."

Dave Birkett reported last week that the Lions have "real" interest in Bush. Will Bush be interested in joining the Lions? That remains to be seen. But if Bush isn't in fact going to "get big money," then I like the Lions' chances. When it comes to playing for a team that will utilize Bush's talents, I can't think of a better landing spot than Detroit. And if you're Bush, I'd imagine being on the same field as Calvin Johnson would be pretty enticing as well.

As the negotiating period begins on Saturday, we'll be sure to keep an eye on what happens with Bush. He won't be allowed to have direct contact with the Lions until next Tuesday, but at the very least, his agent could set negotiations in motion with Detroit.

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