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Louis Delmas has offer from Lions, according to report

Safety Louis Delmas reportedly has a contract offer from the Detroit Lions, but he's not planning on accepting it just yet.


The Detroit Lions brought in safety Louis Delmas for a pre-free agency physical on Friday. The Lions presumably wanted to take a look at his knees given that they gave him so many issues in 2012. Although Delmas did not end up re-signing with the Lions while in town on Friday, he reportedly has a contract offer on the table. Delmas isn't planning on accepting it just yet, though.

Delmas spoke with the Free Press' Dave Birkett on Friday after his physical and had some interesting things to say about where he stands with the Lions. By far the most interesting thing from Delmas was the analogy he used to describe what the Lions are doing with the negotiating period opening.

"I almost feel like a girlfriend waiting at home that’s got a boyfriend that’s cheating on her," Delmas said. "But it is what it is. I’m trying to see if I can stay at home and get a couple more years out of him."

So who’s being cheated on in Delmas’ analogy?

"The Lions are cheating on me," he said. "They’re going to the club every damn night and staying out late night, trying to come back home to Daddy. But it’s all right."

For Delmas, it makes sense to see what else is out there before agreeing to anything. He's come this far without re-signing, and now that teams can start contacting his agent, he will have a chance to gauge his value on the open market. If it's not much better than what the Lions are offering, then he will likely end up re-signing with them.

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