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2013 NFL mock draft: How about a trade?

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Let's examine a 2013 NFL mock draft that has the Detroit Lions trading down in the first round.

Stacy Revere

Most 2013 NFL mock drafts do not include trades. Even though trades are extremely common and will almost certainly happen throughout the first round, it's tough to predict which teams might end up making a deal.

There was one mock draft with trades this week, as Rotoworld's Josh Norris took a stab at making a mock that includes picks changing hands. There are a couple of really notable trades at the top of the draft, and one of them involves the Detroit Lions.

Specifically, the Lions are projected to trade down with the New York Jets in this mock draft. Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher are off the board (with Fisher going to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 3 after a trade), so the best move here is for the Lions to trade down. Interestingly enough, the Jets aren't moving up for a quarterback, but instead the deal is for them to get Dion Jordan with the fifth overall pick.

After moving down to No. 9 overall, the Lions are projected to take BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah. He is often projected to go to the Lions at No. 5, so if they could move down four spots, get some extra picks and still land him, that would be quite the deal.