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2009 re-draft: Do Lions stick with Matthew Stafford, Brandon Pettigrew?

If the Detroit Lions could go back in time and redo the 2009 NFL Draft, would they keep their original first-round picks the same?

Gregory Shamus recently took a look at the 2009 NFL Draft and did all of the picks in the first round over again. This re-draft is especially interesting for the Detroit Lions since they had two first-round picks, including the first overall pick. Given what we've seen since this draft, would the Lions stick with quarterback Matthew Stafford and tight end Brandon Pettigrew if they could go back in time?

When it comes to the first overall pick, says that the Lions would indeed stick with Stafford. This isn't much of a surprise considering that Stafford has shown quite a bit of promise in recent years. It's also not much of a surprise considering how weak the 2009 quarterback class has been. Stafford is a better option than the likes of Mark Sanchez and Josh Freeman, so this was an easy call. does not have the Lions going with Pettigrew with the 20th overall pick. Instead, the re-draft has the Lions going with cornerback Jason McCourty at No. 20. Looking back, would a cornerback have been a better idea than Pettigrew? Perhaps. But if Pettigrew was a more consistent player and eliminated drops from his game, there probably wouldn't be any question about this pick.

If it were up to you, would you stick with Stafford and Pettigrew if you could re-draft 2009's first round?

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