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Lions trade rumors: Detroit willing to move down to 20s?

According to a report, the Detroit Lions are willing to move down from No. 5 to somewhere in the 20s if the right deal comes along.


If a team's top targets aren't on the board when it goes on the clock, trading down is the best fallback plan. For the Detroit Lions, trading back seems to be the best option if Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher are gone when they go on the clock with the No. 5 overall pick. Of course, trading down is easier said than done, as teams have to find a partner that is willing to move up and surrender picks and/or players in the process.

If the Lions do decide that trading down is the way to go, just how far could they drop in the first round? CBS Sports' Jason La Canfora reports that the Lions are willing to go as far back as the 20s from the fifth overall pick.

I expect at least one trade in the top five -- Detroit, at fifth overall, would be willing to fall all the way back to the 20s, sources said, to pick up value along the way.

The theme of this draft is that it lacks elite players at most positions but is very deep overall. That's why dropping and getting extra picks could make a lot of sense. If you are already missing out on top guys like Joeckel and Fisher, is there really much of a difference between picking at No. 5 and No. 25? Given the Lions' desire to reportedly move down, it doesn't seem there is much of a difference, and adding extra picks this year and perhaps an extra first-rounder in the future could be a very wise move.

If a scenario does present itself where Joeckel and Fisher are gone and a team in the 20s decides to move all the way up to No. 5, how many picks would it take in your mind for the Lions to accept a trade offer?

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