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Lions 'made their offer' to Lawrence Jackson

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According to Lawrence Jackson, he has received an offer from the Detroit Lions.


Free-agent defensive end Lawrence Jackson visited the Minnesota Vikings this week. He tweeted that he had a "great visit" and indicated that he now has some decisions to make.

Also on Twitter, Jackson responded to a question about if he's heard from the Detroit Lions. Given the lack of news surrounding Jackson and the Lions, it didn't seem like they had interest in re-signing him (at least not at this point in time), but he has in fact received an offer.

It's not clear if this offer is recent and if it is still on the table. However, given that Jackson included "#decisionsdecisions" in his tweet about visiting the Vikings, it seems like he could be choosing between them and the Lions. If that is the case, let's hope he opts to re-sign with the Lions.