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The story behind Ezekiel Ansah's 3D glasses

Why did Detroit Lions first-round pick Ezekiel Ansah wear 3D glasses to the NFL Draft? Allow him to explain.


Players can often make headlines with what they wear to the NFL Draft. While some players keep it simple, others go for something flashy that will gain attention. I wouldn't necessarily put Detroit Lions first-round pick Ezekiel Ansah in that category, but he did gain attention on Thursday night for wearing 3D glasses to the 2013 NFL Draft. Yes, he wore 3D glasses (without the lenses) to the draft.

"Real 3D" (the name of the company behind the glasses) was actually trending at one point on Twitter thanks to Ansah, so why exactly did he wear the 3D glasses? Was it a promotional stunt? Does he just really like the look of them? Was it something else? Via the Free Press, here's Ansah's explanation:

He said he acquired the glasses "a long time ago," after watching the movie "Thor" at the theater. Apparently, they’ve been a favorite accessory of his during his time at BYU.

"That’s my identity, kind of, at BYU," Ansah said.

Ansah also said that people were daring him to wear the glasses to the draft. Even BYU head coach Bronco Mendenhall apparently wanted him to wear them, so he did, and now he's hearing about that decision.

I have a feeling we'll be seeing plenty of 3D glasses at Lions games this season in honor of Ansah.

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