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2013 NFL Draft grades: Grade the Ezekiel Ansah pick

What grade should the Detroit Lions get for their pick of Ezekiel Ansah in the first round of the draft?

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When it comes to NFL Draft grades, you really need to wait at least a couple years to truly evaluate picks. It takes times for players to develop, and it also takes time for there to be a complete evaluation on what a player will be able to do at the professional level.

This is especially the case when it comes to Detroit Lions first-round pick Ezekiel Ansah. Considering he only started playing football a few years ago, it may take some time for him to develop. I know a lot of people are labeling him a boom or bust type of selection, but we truly don't know right now how his career will play out.

With all that said, giving out immediate draft grades is part of the fun of the event. While it doesn't make sense to label a player a bust or a Pro Bowler as soon as he's picked, there can be some sense behind an immediate draft grade. You can judge a team on how they addressed their needs, for example, and in the case of Ansah, the Lions did quite well. Defensive end was their biggest need, and for filling it with Ansah, CBS Sports' Pete Prisco actually gave them an A+.

SB Nation was a little more reserved when it came to the Ansah pick, as the Lions only got a B+. The pick is described as a "good fit," but questions about how long it might take Ansah to develop prevented the Lions from getting into the A range.

Given that the top three offensive tackles were already gone, I'd give the Lions a B for the Ansah pick. I liked the offensive guard option more than taking Ansah, but they did fill a need, and that's worth something. What's more, I'm just glad they didn't spend the No. 5 overall pick on Dee Milliner, who probably would've gotten a C grade or worse from me.

What grade do you give the Lions for the Ansah pick?

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