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2013 NFL Draft: Corey Fuller talks about being picked by Lions

Here's a look at what wide receiver Corey Fuller had to say about being picked by the Detroit Lions on Saturday.


Below is a recap of what wide receiver Corey Fuller had to say about being picked in the sixth round by the Detroit Lions on Saturday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On going from track to football: "You know, I left high school, I wanted to go to college to play both football and run track. Once I got to Kansas, they said I can run track for two years and then try to walk on to the team, but it was a coaching change and I just wanted to get back on the field. I love the game of football and I just wanted to play it. So, I talked to a few teams. My little brother had just committed to Virginia Tech. So, when he committed, they said I can come in and try to walk on to the football team and after my first season there I can run track. So, they basically said I can do both sports. I gave up my scholarship and moved to Virginia Tech to play football."

On if he received a scholarship at Virginia Tech: "Yes, sir. After my first year I was there, going into my second season, they awarded me an athletic scholarship."

On if it was hard giving up his track scholarship: "Well, it wasn't really giving it up completely because I did run track, I jumped at Virginia Tech as well. So, I wasn't completely giving up on it. But I just knew that football was what I really wanted to do at the end of the day. So, I put track on hold for a little while and picked up football."

On the potential of lining up opposite WR Calvin Johnson: "It feels great. As soon as I got the phone call, that's the first person I thought about. Just, you know, getting into that with him, learning from him, things like that. That would be excellent."

On how the Lions explained he would fit into the scheme: "Really, I haven't really spoke to them or anything about that yet. But, you know, I just want to come in and contribute any way that I possibly can, whether it's special teams or offense."

On his lowest 40-yard dash time: "The fastest I ran was a 4.33. That was just last year at Virginia Tech. I guess I was a junior."

On his special teams role at Virginia Tech: I didn't do anything special teams during the actual season at Tech. But, you know, preseason I was doing pretty much a lot of stuff as far as punt return, kick return, blocking punts and everything like that."

On where he feels the most comfortable: "Really, I don't have a preference. You know, when I first got to Tech, I was an outside receiver. I thought that's what I was going to do. But once I came in and when my name was called, they had to move me inside. So, I got comfortable with inside and outside which I played both this past season."

On what the past few days have been like for him: "For me, it's a little different for me I would say because I only had one real year of college football under my belt. So, a lot of the guys that have been taken, you know, they've been playing their whole career. They've got a lot to look back on. But I wasn't really expecting, you know, first, second round. I thought it was an outside shot for the third round. But then you know today, I was really glued in because I wanted to see where I would end up. You know, I was getting a little frustrated. Then came the sixth round and the Lions called me and it just made everything great."

On if he had people at his house today when he got the call: "I had my family here, my immediate family. We had some aunts and uncles. I pretty much had my whole family here almost. I kept ducking off trying to just get by myself, but then I wanted to be around my family because they made it just a little bit easier for me. So, I was just pacing back and forth a lot."

On his lack of football experience: "I don't really think it affects me. I think, you know, with my little bit of experience that's just better for me. I haven't had the beating that most receivers took on the field that they had playing college football. So, I'm a lot fresher than them. So, I feel like longevity-wise, I feel a little bit more suitable. And then just things I need to work on like coming out of my break, consistently making everything look the same, those are the two things that I've really been working on."

On how well he knows Head Coach Jim Schwartz: "You know, I never met him myself. Like I said, he coached my brother. He had nothing but great things to say. As I got drafted actually, he had texted my brother and he's just a great guy from what I can tell."

On what a day like today means for him: "That was the dream since I was probably five years old and I wanted to play football was to get into the NFL. I think that's everybody's NFL dream. When I transferred back over, I said I'm going to put everything into it to get to where I am at today."

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