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2013 NFL Draft: Martin Mayhew discusses Corey Fuller pick

Here's a look at what the Detroit Lions' Martin Mayhew had to say about his pick of Corey Fuller on Saturday.

Jonathan Ernst

Below is a recap of what Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew had to say about his pick of wide receiver Corey Fuller on Saturday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

Opening statement: "Corey Fuller is just raw but he's got great size, he's got great speed, he was a track guy who went to Virginia Tech to play football. He's got a lot of upsides and we want to see what this kid can do on special teams. He made some big plays in the passing game for them and again we're talking about getting bigger and getting faster. He's another guy in that same vein."

On Corey Fuller being a true development guy: "I think he is a developmental guy. He has not played a whole lot of football. But we see a lot of upside with him and we see a guy that's got some ability possibly to help us with special teams while he's developing. So we see a guy with a lot of tools."

On how Draft strategies changed in later rounds: "I think there was a little bit of a different dynamic. We talk about best player available, I think it's real critically important at the top part of the draft, because it's so important that those guys make it. But you focus on getting the absolute best player you can get no matter what. As you get later in the sixth, seventh round you start to look at positions that you might want to address and that was the receiver position is something we've been trying to address."

On being a gradual process of building a bigger team: "I've always felt like that was important to have a team with some size. There have been times when you're on the clock and you're looking at a player, you Draft that player, he may not exactly fit the mold to what you want overall, but he's a very quality player, a very, very good quality player and in this situation we've been very fortunate. When we're on the clock we're looking at guys that have size, that have speed, that are good athletes and it's been a really good draft in terms of looking for quality guys with size and speed."

On Fuller being a return guy: "I don't think he did return, but he's been a really good deep threat for them and the guy gets up the field for them."

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