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2013 NFL Draft grades: Rate the Lions' picks

What grade do you give the Detroit Lions' 2013 draft?

Al Bello

One of the more interesting things to watch for this time of year is if immediate reactions to draft picks end up being different than the reaction a couple days later. In the moment right after you hear about a pick, you can make a snap judgment before later changing your mind after having time to actually research it. This phenomenon is especially common amongst Detroit Lions fans, as evidenced by what went on in our open threads during the draft.

Now that you have had some time to digest the Lions' 2013 picks, what grade do you give them for their draft? The obvious caveats about needing a couple years to accurately evaluate a draft class aside, I want to know what grade you think the Lions should get right now for their nine picks. Your grade can be based on how the Lions filled their needs, what kind of value they got or a combination of those two things. It's up to you.

As a reminder, here is the Lions' 2013 draft class:

Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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