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2013 NFL Draft: Theo Riddick talks about being picked by Lions

Here's a look at what running back Theo Riddick had to say about being picked by the Detroit Lions on Saturday.

Gregory Shamus

Below is a recap of what running back Theo Riddick had to say about being picked in the sixth round by the Detroit Lions on Saturday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On if he had any contact with the Lions leading up to the Draft: "Nothing like that. I mean, the running backs coach worked us out at Pro Day and that was pretty much it."

On what he knows about the Lions' running back situation: "I know they just implemented Reggie Bush in the backfield, so hopefully I get to learn so much about him and from him."

On if he was a fan of Reggie Bush growing up: "Oh yeah. I mean, who wasn't? He tore it up. I mean, as a young guy growing up wanting to be a running back, that was one guy I actually looked up to. So, to be able to be in the same backfield as him is unbelievable."

On if he will have some fun in training camp with Alabama TE Michael Williams: "I think so. You know, we definitely played in the championship. I think he's going to have a little more jokes than I will. But we will definitely have some fun kidding around."

On why he moved away from kick returning after his freshman year: "I don't know. It was more of like a coaching decision for the most part. We had some younger guys that we thought could help out at the time and we implemented George Atkinson and he did very well. So, he worked his behind off and coach gave him that kickoff position and he did very well with it. I mean, I was still back there time to time. Like I said, coach decided to give that assignment to another person and he did very well."

On if he would like to field returns in the NFL: "Oh yeah, oh yeah. Every time during practice I was always there during kickoffs and stuff like that. So, I participated all my four years there as a kick returner at Notre Dame even though I didn't really start after freshman year. But, yeah, I'm definitely interested in that aspect of special teams."

On what having two full seasons as a slot receiver and running back does for him as a player: "I think it definitely gave me the ability to read a defense a lot quicker, catch the ball out of the backfield, feel comfortable doing it. Anyone can do it in practice, but when you're in a game and you've got a feel for things, it actually just slowed the game down so much more for me. Which has helped me out tremendously."

On his senior year at Notre Dame: "It was a great experience, what can I say? You can't really put it into words. We all just rallied behind each other, held each other to high accountability and what can I say? We executed and we were one game away from winning a national championship, you know? It was one of those bittersweet moments."

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