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2013 NFL Draft: Michael Williams talks about being picked by Lions

Here's a look at what tight end Michael Williams had to say about being picked by the Detroit Lions on Saturday.

Kelly Lambert

Below is a recap of what tight end Michael Williams had to say about being picked in the seventh round by the Detroit Lions on Saturday. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On what the Lions want out of him: "They want me for like the wide position, more on the ball, come in and compete and right now back up (Brandon) Pettigrew and just come and compete and be myself."

On his Senior Bowl experience: "Coach (Bobby) Johnson, he's very similar to my college coach, Bobby Williams, and they both have the energy and me and him created a bond. After I left the Senior Bowl and I went up for the visit it's like we've been talking every day, but we hadn't. So, it was just a bond that we got created and now I look to continue."

On if he considers himself to be a tight end that can take a defensive end one-on-one: "Most definitely. I think that's what intrigued them to draft me when they did. They feel like I have a good base and I can be having one-on-one blocks and get the edges on some of the outside runs.'

On if he considers himself an underrated receiving option: "Yeah, I could say that. You can see on film that a lot of my passes that come to me are 100-percent catches. So, I'm just a young player trying to get better, man, and whatever they want me to do coming in there that's what I'm going to do."

On if he knows any of the SEC players drafted this year: "Yeah, I feel like once you play against somebody you form a bond. When you do that for five years, you just automatically become connected to these players and it'd be great to go in actually having some sense of knowing somebody while I'm out there."

On if he is a ‘throwback' tight end: "Yeah, I don't like the word throwback. I use the word traditional. In today's game, sometimes people get caught up with tight ends doing more with the receiving corps and sometimes they forget about the blocking end of it and I'm looking to try and bring that back."

On why he likes blocking so much: "I just like playing the tight end position. The way I learned, was the first thing is you have to know how to block. That's just how I was taught and that's just how I live. Blocking just became part of me and I worked on it and worked on it. The receiving part, I worked on that too. So, like I said, I'm really trying to be a finished product."

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