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Five questions on Larry Warford with A Sea Of Blue

Pride Of Detroit talks with A Sea Of Blue about Kentucky offensive guard Larry Warford, who was picked by the Lions in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft.


To get to know Detroit Lions third-round pick Larry Warford, an offensive guard from Kentucky, I sent five questions to Glenn Logan from A Sea Of Blue, SB Nation's Wildcats blog. Here's a look at what he had to say about Warford:

1. Warford received numerous accolades from the SEC during his time at Kentucky, but Alabama's Chance Warmack garnered the majority of the attention for interior linemen going into the draft. Do you think Warford was a bit overlooked because of Kentucky's lack of success as a team?

Yes. It is nothing new, though. The same happened with Randall Cobb (Green Bay) and other UK players who've had successful NFL careers over the years going back to Joe Federspiel (New Orleans).

2. Is Warford a better blocker in the run game or in pass protection?

I think he was good at both, but better at run blocking. He opened some big holes for our backs. I think (Kentucky offensive line coach) Mike Summers did a great job all around with Warford.

Warford is capable in the passing game, though. His quick feet enable him to reposition himself in the face of the rush and he is very, very strong.

3. Playing in the SEC, Warford faced a lot of outstanding defensive linemen who are either in the NFL or are going to be in the next couple years. How did he perform when he went up against some of the top defensive linemen in the conference?

I don't recall seeing him dominated by anyone, but I could be wrong. My memory might fail me on this question.

For the most part, he performed well in SEC games, particularly at Florida and versus Georgia. But it's pretty hard to tell which linemen are playing well when you're getting your metaphorical teeth kicked in.

4. Did Warford ever play center at Kentucky? The Lions see him as a right guard, but they will need a new starting center in the next couple years, so do you think Warford has the ability to potentially switch positions?

I don't think he ever played center, but he could have. I think he's intelligent enough to switch positions since it is simply a matter of learning new techniques.

5. Warford is a big guy, and he weighed in at 332 lbs. at the combine. Was his weight ever a concern at Kentucky, or was his size a part of his success at guard?

I never heard his weight ever mentioned as a concern because he was good with his feet. The Lions, if they have a problem with his weight, can fix that. Not an issue, in my opinion.

With that said, 332 is a bit heavy for Larry. He can barely bend at the knees at that size, so he'll probably need to get down about 15 pounds at least to play in the NFL. He won't have as much of an athletic advantage there as he did in college.

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