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Calvin Johnson confirms he played with injured fingers last season (UPDATED)

Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson had a record-breaking season in 2012 despite playing with injured fingers.


Earlier in the offseason, it was reported that Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson played with multiple broken fingers during the 2012 season. Lions head coach Jim Schwartz declined to comment on the report, but he didn't deny it.

On Monday, Johnson himself was asked about the report, and he confirmed that he played with broken fingers last season. According to the Detroit News, Johnson said he's "trying to get them back straight," and he made it clear that injuries like this weren't going to keep him off the field.

"I had a couple of injuries but nothing that prohibited me from doing what I needed to do," he said. "The thing with a lot of football players, you have injuries, but unless you know about it you just think it's something that hurts and you keep on playing."

Johnson hasn't had any offseason surgery, and he said on Monday that he's "feeling good." There will surely be bumps and bruises along the way as the 2013 season plays out, but if Johnson can set the single-season receiving record with multiple broken fingers, imagine what he could do with full health.

UPDATE: Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio reports that Johnson didn't actually break any fingers, despite Johnson directly confirming on Monday that he did. Okay then.

UPDATE II: The Lions have now clarified that Johnson admitted to having finger injuries rather than broken fingers. Whatever. Broken or not, the point remains that his fingers were messed up.

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