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2013 NFL Draft: Approval ratings for Lions' picks

How did Detroit Lions fans react to their team's 2013 NFL Draft picks? Let's see what the polls have to say.

Al Bello

Following each Detroit Lions pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, an approval rating poll was presented for you guys to vote on. The polls served as a way to gauge the immediate reaction of Lions fans to the nine picks that were made over the course of three days. Now it's time to take a look at the results and see what approval ratings you gave those nine picks.

Day 1

Unsurprisingly, there was a bit of a mixed reaction to the Lions' decision to take Ansah. This was actually the second-lowest approval rating among the Lions' nine picks, showing that there were plenty of people against the Ansah selection. (I have to say, though, this number would probably be much higher had the poll been done after the Lions' entire draft played out.)

Day 2

The Slay pick also drew a bit of a mixed reaction, but the real story here is just how much people loved the Warford selection. Out of 1,226 votes, only 18 were against this pick. That says a lot about just how much fans wanted an upgrade at right guard, and it also shows how glad people were that the Lions took Warford in the third round.

Day 3
  • Round 4 - Pick No. 35 (132) - DE Devin Taylor (South Carolina) - 84.6% (597 votes)
  • Round 5 (from SEA) - Pick No. 32 (165) - P Sam Martin (Appalachian State) - 60.5% (607 votes)
  • Round 6 - Pick No. 3 (171) - WR Corey Fuller (Virginia Tech) - 86.4% (581 votes)
  • Round 6 (from SEA) - Pick No. 31 (199) - RB Theo Riddick (Notre Dame) - 81.1% (492 votes)
  • Round 7 - Pick No. 5 (211) - TE Michael Williams (Alabama) - 95.3% (427 votes)
  • Round 7 - Pick No. 39 (245) - LB Brandon Hepburn (Florida A&M) - 78.4% (369 votes)

Two numbers jump out to me from the final day of the draft. The first is that the Martin pick only got a 60.5% approval rating. Clearly, a lot of people weren't fond of the Lions drafting a punter in the fifth round. On the flip side, fans were overwhelmingly in favor of the Lions taking Williams in the seventh round, as he received a 95.3% approval rating.

By the way, for the Lions' entire draft, you guys have them at a grade of B+. With 1,058 votes in, B+ has the lead in the poll at 27.7%. This is just a bit more than the B grade option, which has 27.4% of the vote.

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