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Where Lions picks were ranked on Cowboys' leaked draft board

Ever wonder what an NFL team's draft board looks like? Wonder no more thanks to the Dallas Cowboys.

Tom Pennington

The Dallas Cowboys' 2013 NFL Draft big board has leaked out. Blogging The Boys was able to not only produce the overall rankings the Cowboys used for this year's draft, but BTB also found the round-by-round grades. It's quite amazing that the Cowboys were careless enough to let this happen again (it also happened in 2010), but I'm glad they did, as we now can get a look inside one team's war room.

With this information leaking out, we can see what grades the Cowboys had on some of the Detroit Lions' 2013 picks. It turns out that only three of the Lions' picks were actually included on the Cowboys' draft board, which had a total of 132 players. The Cowboys didn't include numerous notable players for a variety of reasons, and clearly they didn't include a number of the players the Lions ended up picking.

Ziggy Ansah, Darius Slay and Theo Riddick were the three Lions picks featured on the Cowboys' draft board, and they had the following grades:

  • Ziggy Ansah (5th pick, first round) | Grade: 10th overall, first round
  • Darius Slay (36th pick, second round) | Grade: 26th overall, second round
  • Theo Riddick (199th pick, sixth round) | Grade: 100th overall, fifth round

It's tough to call any of these picks great value or a reach considering the Cowboys didn't have 32 players on their board for each round or anything like that. They only had 18 first-round grades, for example, and Travis Frederick, their actual first-round pick, had a second-round grade. If you base it strictly on the round where these players were taken, then Ansah and Slay went where the Cowboys expected and Riddick went one round later.

The most interesting thing to me is that Larry Warford, Devin Taylor, Sam Martin, Corey Fuller, Michael Williams and Brandon Hepburn didn't make the Cowboys' draft board. I suppose that just shows how different teams' draft boards can be. One team may have a high grade on a player and another team may not even have that player on its draft board at all.

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