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Lions quotes: Scott Linehan's comments from Wednesday

A look at what Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan had to say during his Wednesday media session.

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Below is a look at what offensive coordinator Scott Linehan had to say following Wednesday's Detroit Lions practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On the addition of RB Reggie Bush opening up the playbook: "Well I think we have to use the strengths of the players that are out there. Reggie's certainly got some versatility. I think if anything it gives us more versatility we can use when it relates to our backfield. Whether we're doing what we do as a base or we can do some things creative-wise to break the traditional looks we have and you utilize our running back both as a runner and a pass receiver. That's what Reggie's done his whole career and hopefully we can continue to do that now in our system."

On using a certain amount of receivers and running backs: "It's game plan. It's game plans some games. We want to use personnel that give us an advantage. If you're using two tight ends or three wide receivers, whatever it is, if the team gives you what you want in that personnel, probably going to be in that a little bit more each game."

On WR Ryan Broyles and Bush changing the playbook: "We'll probably be a little more personnel versatile. You know, your depth gets back to where you want it. We definitely would like to use groupings that, you know, we can utilize to the best of their abilities for. So, now having someone that has a dual role as a running back and receiving threat in Reggie, you can use that. You've got a slot receiver that was coming on real good for us. You're going to use the slot receiver not just for the pass game, but also, it helps the pass game and he can also get in those formations to run the football. So, those are the things we try to do and when you have your depth back where you want it, it certainly helps."

On if he expects Broyles to be 100-percent come training camp: "I don't have any prediction when he's going to be there. He's made a lot of progress, he's out there now and I don't see any reason why he's not going to continue with that progress."

On the new-look offensive line: "Well, I don't view it any differently than what we had. I think those guys are definitely going to have things that they're going to be able to do. You know, we're evaluating that right now. We're through the offseason program, two-thirds of the way through our mini-camp, we're finding out more and more about offensive linemen that weren't playing last year, weren't playing as much or weren't even here. So, it's so early to know exactly what dynamic changes that does for us, but we're excited about how they're coming along though."

On the right tackle competition: "Yeah, we'll keep them as equal as we can and let guys work with different groups. We don't really talk in terms of the depth chart or even during training camp we have groups and rotate those guys, you know, as we see fit and try to keep it to where their rotation seems to be similar from day one. You might do something different then maybe flip it the next day. We get plenty of reps. We don't hold back in training camp so that we're going to get a lot of snaps to evaluate, you know, that position as time goes on during camp."

On G Bill Nagy's availability: "Right now, I don't have an answer for that. You know, we'll see. He's working hard to get better and get back on the field and, you know, hopefully training camp he can continue to make that progress."

On what the offense will look like with Bush: "Well, I think Reggie's definitely going to add a dynamic to our offense. First of all, he gives us a running back that has produced in this league and really, in the last two years, done a really good job of just carrying the ball. He's done it. You saw it even prior to his last stop he was doing a lot of the things you'll see him do in our offense and be a dual threat guy. He gives us a dynamic that, you know, a lot like what we got with Jahvid (Best), it's a little different, everybody's different, but he definitely gives us a guy that can be an effective rusher and effective receiver."

On Bush as a receiving threat: "I don't have any predictions how many (receptions). I just hope we score a lot of points and he helps us do it."

On T Riley Reiff: "Riley's doing great. I mean, he is. Everything that we've asked him to do, step into a role, you know, when we drafted him. That was a role we envisioned for him. We didn't, you know, just set that as the only possibility, but he's done a great job there and he's making progress every day and I hope he keeps making those steps every day of practice come training camp. We feel really, really confident in his ability to do a great job for us."

On going into a game knowing how to use Bush in the offense: "Oh, we'll have an idea. I mean, we'll have a game plan. We'll utilize his skill set and if we get the matchup that we want there, then utilize it. If people defend him, someone else is going to open things up for someone else, Calvin (Johnson) or anybody else. So, the one thing about his position is, you know, you can get him the ball as a runner and as a pass receiver and his involvement is going to be pretty substantial."

On if defenses will have to pay special attention to Bush: "I would think so. That's what he's been able to do and that's why we brought him here. He's a heck of an athlete, heck of a player and I don't foresee that changing for our team either."

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