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Ron Bartell says Chris Greenwood 'has it all'

Who does Ron Bartell think the Detroit Lions' "most gifted guy" is in the secondary? The answer may surprise you.

Gregory Shamus

When the Detroit Lions drafted cornerback Chris Greenwood out of Albion last year, he was described as very athletic and very raw. Unfortunately, due to an injury, we never really got a chance to see what Greenwood could do in 2012. He missed the entire 2012 season, and his development was set back as a result.

This year, now that he's healthy, Greenwood is entering what really is his rookie season. He's still learning how to play cornerback in the NFL, and he's had moments where it's clear that he is inexperienced. He's making good progress, though, and rawness aside, fellow Lions cornerback Ron Bartell is impressed with what he's seen out of Greenwood so far this offseason. From the Lions' official site:

"To be honest, he's the most gifted guy in the secondary," said Bartell. "Athletically, I don't think any of us stack up to him. He has a lot of talent, but he's very raw.

"So he has to get his technique down."

Bartell went on to say that in terms of talent, Greenwood "has it all." Now he just needs to gain experience and, as Bartell said, learn the technique. Once he puts that aspect of his game together, combined with his outstanding athleticism, then the Lions may really have something special in the secondary with Greenwood.

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