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Ziggy Ansah, Larry Warford serve as coaches at youth football camp

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Detroit Lions rookies Ziggy Ansah and Larry Warford were coaches earlier this week at a youth football camp.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Since being drafted by the Detroit Lions in April, defensive end Ziggy Ansah and offensive guard Larry Warford have been getting acclimated to the NFL. They got their first taste of life in the NFL with a rookie minicamp, and OTAs and a team-wide minicamp further gave them a chance to get comfortable with their new team.

This week, Ansah and Warford went from players to coaches at the Lineman Academy the Lions hosted as part of their series of youth football camps.

Ansah talked about how he has gone from being completely new to the game of football to teaching it to kids in just a few years. From the Free Press:

"It’s not weird," he said. "It’s just really humbling and I saw that some of them they weren’t able to get their stance right, it was like old memories about myself. I was like, ‘Yup, I did that.’ But you got to do it right. It’s fun."

Here's what Warford had to say on Twitter after coaching at the camp:

For more on Ansah and Warford's day as coaches, check out this video from WXYZ: