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C.J. Mosley breaks down Lions' defensive line

Detroit Lions defensive tackle C.J. Mosley recently shared his thoughts on his teammates on the D-line.


The Detroit Lions added several new faces to their defensive line this offseason, mainly at defensive end. The one new guy at defensive tackle is C.J. Mosley, who is expected to be the Lions' top backup behind Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley.

Mosley recently spoke with Tim Twentyman about his teammates on the defensive line, and he provided a breakdown on why he thinks they will be able to form "an attacking, physical and ruthless defensive line." First, via the Lions' official site, here's his breakdown on the team's starting defensive tackles:

"You've got (Ndamukong) Suh -- cat quick – and strong at the same time. Watching him and Nick (Fairley), all they want to do is get off the ball. We want to get our hands on people and we're really not caring where we end up, as long as we do our job and beat the guy that's in front of us. That's what it is."

For the defensive ends, Mosley is a big fan of their length.

"With length, you get an extra step. One regular step for them is two for me or somebody else. That extra length adds a lot more ground and space that you can cover and it's also hell for quarterbacks who try to throw the football with hands up."

One other interesting thing that Mosley mentioned is that the effect of Kyle Vanden Bosch's high-motor attitude is still present even though he's no longer on the team. Mosley said that the Lions' D-line does a lot of running, which is something they picked up from Vanden Bosch, who apparently is a "legend around the NFL" for his hustle.

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