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Lions notes: More on Israel Idonije

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Lions notes looks at Israel Idonije, Chris Hope, a new award for sacks and much more.

  • Rotoworld's Evan Silva likes the Detroit Lions' move to sign defensive end Israel Idonije. As mentioned by Silva, Pro Football Focus likes Idonije and the Lions' move to sign him quite a bit as well.
  • As noted by Mike O'Hara, the Lions' D-line has another connection to a country in Africa with Idonije joining the team.
  • Idonije will wear No. 77 for the Lions and new safety Chris Hope will wear No. 43.
  • The NFL has created the Deacon Jones Award, which will be given each year to the player with the most sacks.
  • The Minnesota Vikings signed former Green Bay Packers linebacker Desmond Bishop earlier this week.
  • The New England Patriots released tight end Aaron Hernandez on Wednesday. Later in the day, he was charged with murder and five gun-related charges.