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Lions approval ratings: Jim Schwartz (June 2013)

The question is simple: Do you approve of the job Jim Schwartz is doing as head coach of the Detroit Lions?


The last time we took a poll on Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz, it had nothing to do with his approval rating. Instead, given that the Lions just completed a 4-12 season, the question revolved around if Schwartz should be fired. 63 percent of more than 2,000 votes said yes, indicating that fans were, as expected, none too pleased with the job Schwartz had done as head coach of the Lions in 2012.

The Lions disagreed with popular opinion and decided to retain Schwartz. While 2012 was a disaster for the Lions on and off the field, Schwartz did lead the team to the playoffs a season earlier. The Lions clearly are hoping that 2012 was simply a step back and that the team will play more like it did in 2011 this upcoming season. There's no doubt that Schwartz is entering the 2013 season on the hot seat, but his job is safe for the time being.

Regardless of what you thought the Lions should have done after last season, the fact of the matter is that Schwartz is still their head coach. However, this simply means that it's time for a different kind of vote relating to Schwartz: an approval poll.

We haven't actually taken an approval poll on Schwartz since last November because it was clear at the end of 2012 that there weren't going to be many yes votes. I am curious to see what the results look like now that we are five months removed from the end of last season. Has the offseason changed your stance on Schwartz? Has it reinforced your view that he is or isn't the man for the job? Do you need to see what happens in the coming months to form an opinion? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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