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POLL: Do you approve of Matthew Stafford's contract extension?

With Matthew Stafford's extension official, do you approve of the deal he got from the Detroit Lions?


Earlier on Wednesday, quarterback Matthew Stafford signed his contract extension, making his new five-year deal official. We don't have the official numbers from the deal just yet, but based on what we learned on Tuesday, it should read something like this:

Three-year extension: $53 million
Signing bonus: $27.5 million
Guaranteed money: $41.5 million
Cap savings: around $7 million
New five-year deal: $76.5 million

Now that you've had more than a day to digest this news, what do you think of the extension Stafford got from the Lions? Are you in the camp that thinks he is being overpaid and it was a mistake for the Lions to give him so much money? Or do you think the Lions made the right move by getting this deal done, regardless of the cost?

In case you missed it on Tuesday, you can check out my take on the extension here. In short, I think that Stafford is in fact getting too much money, but I see this as a good deal for the Lions anyway given the circumstances.

What do you think? Vote in the poll below and leave your thoughts in the comments.

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