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Year-by-year breakdown of Matthew Stafford's new contract

The yearly details have been released for Matthew Stafford's new contract with the Detroit Lions.

Leon Halip

Matthew Stafford officially signed his contract extension with the Detroit Lions on Wednesday. On Thursday, the year-by-year details of his new five-year deal were released. Via the Free Press' Dave Birkett, Spotrac and Over the Cap, here's what Stafford's new $76.5 million deal looks like:

Year Base salary Signing bonus Miscellaneous Cap hit
2013 $4 million $5.5 million $8.3 million $17.8 million
2014 $2 million $5.5 million $8.3 million $15.8 million
2015 $9.5 million $5.5 million $2.7 million $17.7 million
2016 $17 million $5.5 million $22.5 million
2017 $16.5 million $5.5 million $22 million

The Lions gained $6.5 million in cap space for 2013 and 2014 thanks to Stafford getting a new deal. It wasn't more because they still had money left over from past restructures to factor into the cap number, but hey, it beats him counting for $20.8 million against the cap this year and $19.3 million next year.

The thing that jumps out to me about Stafford's contract is that the cap hit goes up to $22.5 million in 2016. The cap hit in 2017 is almost just as big. That seems like a lot, of course, but it's important to remember that another extension for Stafford before the 2016 season could easily change those numbers. If he puts together an outstanding next three seasons, chances are he will want a new deal, and that could result in the final two years looking a bit different.

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