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Twitter feedback: What should Lions do for third uniform?

There are a lot of different ideas out there for what the Detroit Lions should do for their third uniform.

Leon Halip

Earlier this week, the topic of the Detroit Lions' third uniform came up when team president Tom Lewand said that fans should "stay tuned" when it comes to the possibility of new alternates. He previously mentioned that the Lions might bring back their throwback look for a game this season, but more attention has been given to the possibility of a brand new alternate look with the team wearing black pants in practice this year.

Our poll on what the Lions should do for their third uniform has made it pretty clear that you guys would prefer a new alternate rather than the return of the throwback look going forward. I asked the same question on Twitter, and the response I got was mixed. Many people, for example, want the Lions to go with an all-black look.

Others like the idea of incorporating black without ditching the Lions' primary colors.

There's also a group of people who want the Lions to go with silver-focused uniforms.

Of course, several people like the idea of simply sticking with some form of a throwback look.

Of all the reasons to avoid a new alternate that is mainly black, this was the best one that came across my feed:

If the Lions do decide to go with a new look, what do you want the alternate uniform to look like?

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