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Pride Of Detroit fantasy football is back again

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Pride Of Detroit fantasy football returns for another year on Yahoo! Sports.

Leon Halip

I'm happy to announce that Pride Of Detroit fantasy football is once again returning on Yahoo! Sports. We have been hosting fantasy football leagues for several years now, and I am once again going to be putting on a league for users of the site.

Just as we have done in past years, I will choose the users who will participate in the POD Fantasy Football League based on how active they are on the site. In other words, your chances of being included in our main league are much better if you're a regular than if you're a new user.

To express interest in joining the POD FFL for 2013, simply leave a comment on this post indicating that you want in. At a later date, I will go through the comments and select the 11 users who will join me in the POD FFL.

For those of you who don't get selected to be in the main league or if you simply want to take part in multiple leagues, feel free to use the FanPosts section to create and organize leagues of your own.