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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Tuesday

Quotes from Jim Schwartz's media session after Tuesday's Detroit Lions training camp practice.

Jason Miller

Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say after Tuesday's training camp practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On accommodating S Louis Delmas' wish to play while balancing the best interest of the team: "There's a balance there for sure. Like we talked a little bit before just talking about preseason games, it would be an ideal situation to be able to get out on the field. Lou (Delmas) is a guy that we're not evaluating from any other standpoint other than his health. It would definitely be beneficial, but if that turns out to be the prudent choice then we're willing to make that choice. We just have to take a look and do what's best for him physically and not have any other agenda. I think that if we let that be the guiding force then whatever decision we reach on these next couple of games will be a good decision."

On how much more prepared the team is for this game in comparison to the other games: "Significant. We still don't really game plan I guess you'd say. We don't have specific schemes. We're still running all our training camp fundamental schemes, but these last couples of days have been cards from New England. When we played the other preseason games, we get one walk-through the morning before a game and that's the only preparation. At that point there are too many things. You don't know really know what you're going to prepare for, it's really just about you. Again, sort of in the whole thing of preparing these guys for the regular season, when we do play in the opener we don't want them, particularly young players, having gone through this schedule for the first time and running the cards and the meetings and things like that. There's a significant amount of more preparation for this game. Not necessarily game plan. We don't game plan like we would during the regular season, but practice time was devoted towards New England's offense, defense and special teams last couple of days."

On how much changes with the end of training camp: "I think we're packing up and heading back to Detroit today. Checking out of the dorms. Putting our fans in our cars and our pillows and stuff like that. Yeah it's changed quite a bit. It used to be sort of a celebrated day, breaking camp. It's tough in the NFL, they have to check out of the hotel today. I mean it's a little bit different. We talked about this as a team about having to have the maturity to be consistent when there is no horn blowing in the morning to wake you up. When there is no bed check at night and things like that. The guys that are going to be successful in the NFL can handle that type of discipline and if they can't then they're not going to be a part of what we do."

On the level of concern for the team: "We're concerned about everything about our team. That's what coaches do. That's the reason why we come out to practice. You're never satisfied with anything that you do. Whether you seem to be going at all cylinders or you don't. You're never relaxed in this league. It's been said a long time the preseason games don't count but they matter. What matters is how you play within the structure of what you're doing offensively and defensively, how you execute, how guys respond to game situations, those things all matter. I think that if we keep our eye on those things then we'll be successful. Last week when we lost the game it wasn't necessarily reaction to us losing. It was that we didn't play our best football and we need to play better. We just knew that we have a lot of work to do. We're like 31 other teams in the NFL, it was still training camp and we still had some work to accomplish."

On CB Rashean Mathis' progress: "We have gotten him, actually he has gotten reps at nickel, safety and corner also. He's played all those different positions. He was a safety back in college. He's played corner and also has had some experience in there. We value versatility. He's a very experienced player and a very savvy player. It showed in his ability to pick things up quickly and be able to get him on the field. We haven't had a lot of time to evaluate him physically. Some of those new guys that we have signed we have to get them ready to play this week and get a good look at them. Therefore we have been trying to get them some more reps during practice."

On CB Darius Slay's progression: "Well we will see what happens in week three. He needs to take a jump this week. He's going to have an opportunity to get more reps against some pretty good competition. A top notch quarterback and a very good passing offense. It's a very important week for him."

On LB Ashlee Palmer earning his position: "I don't know if that race is over yet, but he has certainly taken the lead. He has been consistent through training camp and has made plays in preseason games. He's played physical. Again, we're not at the finish line there yet. We still have work to do there. We're only into our third preseason game. He's put together a nice string and he's been consistent and that's been a thing that he was sort of working to become as a player. It's been good to watch him be a lot more consistent."

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