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Lions notes: Havard Rugland works out for Packers

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Lions notes looks at Havard Rugland, several fines handed out to Detroit players and more.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports
  • Kicker Havard Rugland, who was released by the Detroit Lions earlier this week, worked out for the Green Bay Packers on Friday. I can't imagine the Packers have a ton of faith in Mason Crosby, so this could be a situation where they are readying a list of potential replacements should things not go well during the season. It would be tough to see Rugland land with a division rival, but I hope he finds a spot somewhere in the NFL.

  • There were several FedEx envelopes containing fines sent to Allen Park this week:
  • Calvin Johnson came in at No. 2 on ESPN's list of the top 100 offensive players in the NFL.

  • ESPN has a good piece on why Matthew Stafford has such a bad record against winning teams.

  • The Arizona Cardinals released former Lions wide receiver Mike Thomas on Friday.

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