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Lions quotes: Jim Schwartz's comments from Thursday

Quotes from Jim Schwartz's media session after Thursday's Detroit Lions training camp practice.

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say after Thursday's training camp practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On if he has ruled anyone out tomorrow: "We have, but we'll get that out tomorrow probably midday or so. No competitive thing with it. We want our focus to be on the game. We have a couple of guys that are sort of coming back from some things, but we'll have the majority of our team out there."

On if S Louis Delmas will play: "That's what I said. We'll make those announcements tomorrow."

On the importance for the rookies to adjust to the speed: "Adjusting to the speed is something they have done all along, since the beginning of rookie camp right after the draft, to OTA's, to training camp to the first live contact they have had out there. This will be a little bit different environment. You want to see how guys respond in that environment. There's a big difference in going out there rather than practice and doing something and getting out there in the game and being able to perform, make plays out there, and execute the scheme. I think we have all seen examples of guys that get it done in practice, but don't necessarily get it done in games. There will be some of the other ones. Some guys that people aren't expecting to play well or to make plays out there that all of a sudden when the lights come on, they can really shine. That's part of those guys' evaluation."

On how K Håvard Rugland will perform tomorrow: "Based on what we have seen, he'll do fine. His pulse rate is probably not going to get above 50. My blood pressure will be a lot higher than his, but that's what makes a good kicker. A guy that can respond to pressure as if you don't feel it. We have laughed a long time about how he didn't know how to put a helmet on or shoulder pads and had never kicked with other guys on the field. It has gone seamlessly for him so far. Kickers and specialists, punters, and people like that, it's about doing it when it's live action. Nothing he has done so far would lead me to believe that he's not going to continue doing the same thing."

On if he has ever experienced a media phenomenon like that came with Rugland: "It's the NFL. There are a lot of people interested in the NFL and he's just one of those 90 guys that people are interested in."

On how he balances his offensive plays and not putting things on film for other teams to look at: "We sort of are what we are. It's not our first year in our scheme. I think we have a lot of tape. Which, like I said, is good for the players. They have a long time that they get used to the comfort level with terminology and scheme and what we do. It's not like we're a new staff and trying to hold stuff back. We're going to try to execute. We want to put guys in positions to see if they can make plays. I've said this lot of times, in preseason games you want to see players win their spot and matchup, not necessarily scheme. Not that you don't want to out scheme because you want to put players in good positions, but you want to see who can cover one-on-one , who can win a one-on-one pass rush, who can block one-on-one, who can make that tackle. Those are important things in preseason games as we're evaluating some of these guys."

On the competition on the offensive line: "I think there is no doubt that there are pieces there. We have good competition there. That race won't be finished for some time. It's not just going to be what a guy does in practice. It's going to be how he plays in preseason games. It just won't be tomorrow night. It'll be in through the course of times. We said plenty of times that we want guys that are consistent over the course of time. All those guys are in it."

On G Larry Warford's standing and what he needs in order to earn the starting spot: "Same thing as all the other guys, he has to be consistent over the course of time. He has to physically prove that he can do the job. He has to prove that he can consistently apply that talent and execute the scheme. Whether it's Larry or Dylan (Gandy) or Jake (Scott) or Leroy (Harris), or all those other guys that are in that mix, they're all trying to prove the same thing."

On how QB Matthew Stafford's performance during camp has been: "I think he's been outstanding in camp. I think you don't take him for granted. We have a couple of guys new to our organization that come out to practice and that's one of the first things that they want to say is, "Holy mackerel, did you see the throw he made here?" It's a little bit like Calvin (Johnson). You watch him a lot and you forget how big he is and the plays he made. He becomes just one of the guys. I think Stafford's the same way. He's been, and Matt always has been, a very very consistent worker and very consistent with his approach. The way he goes out and performs at practice every day is a great example for not just the guys on offense, but for the rest of the team."

On the comfort level of allowing Rugland to attempt a kick tomorrow: "We'll see how he warms up. Generally in pregame warm ups, those guys will let me know where they feel good from. (John) Bonamego will communicate that and when we have kicks in the game we'll make that decision. There's a difference. We feel confident if the ball's here, but we'll try it up to a certain level. Every player knows their limitations and you're not going to put him out there. This isn't a circus show. We're not going to get out there and try to do something that we wouldn't normally do in a game."

On the two rookie tight ends' progress and the possibility of them playing tomorrow: "Both of those guys are exciting young players. If both guys were a little bit taller, maybe they would have a better chance to make the team. The thing is through camp, it's been interesting to watch those guys show how they can contribute to the team, how to get on the bus so to speak. Every player has strengths and weaknesses. Both of those guys have developed well through camp into certain niches in the offense. Again, that doesn't mean anything unless they can replicate it, be consistent, and do it in preseason games. Both of those guys are on the right path. They are going to be guys not just you are going to be watching, but coaches and scouts are going to be watching those guys also."

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