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Welcome to the Pride: Eric Shinabarger

Please welcome Eric Shinabarger to Pride Of Detroit.

As a lifelong and hopelessly optimistic Detroit Lions fan, I am excited to join the writing staff of Pride Of Detroit. I have been a POD member and sporadic commentator for a few years and love the community that it provides. Lions fans need a place to vent, celebrate and second-guess coaches and POD is just that place. My goal as a front-page writer will be to provide content that helps spark those conversations among the Lions’ most passionate fans.

Although I have been a Lions fan since I could talk, I have actually never lived near Detroit. I grew up in northeast Indiana, spent a few years in Washington, D.C., and now live in the Chicago suburbs. With those surroundings, I have plenty of experience fending off attacks about the Lions and creating "unique" arguments for why the Lions are better than the local home team. I have taken my self-proclaimed job as an out of town instigator to a whole new level now that I live in the belly of the beast and have to deal with Chicago Bears fans every day. Bears fans are easy to get riled up and are adorable when they are angry, so it has been fun.

I am currently in law school, but don’t hold that against me, and I expect to hear some good lawyer jokes. Almost all of my writing experience is a bit more formal (boring) than what I will be doing for POD, but I hope that it will also allow me to provide a unique perspective on the Lions. One recurring article I will be writing will analyze one key opposing player each week of the regular season and propose solutions the Lions might implement to stop him.

Personally, I'm an avid fantasy football player, terrible at Madden and a big music fan. All of my sports allegiances are to Detroit, so I also actively support the Tigers and Red Wings (not an NBA guy). I have lots of hobbies and love talking about them, so I am an open book.

I’m excited for the season and hope I will have a lot of wins to write about. Go Lions!

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